Security Policy

Security Policy

Shopping at is 100% secure. All Payments are processed through the Razorpay payment gateway. Razorpay payment gateway uses the PCI-DSS data security standards to store & protect data and hosted in multiple data centers to provide high availability & ensure smooth transactions.

First things first, a payment gateway does not store your data as-is. The best payment gateways are PCI-DSS compliant. The PCI Security Standards Council is a global organization that sets compliance rules for managing cardholder data for all online payment systems. PCI-DSS is now the global standard for online security. What this means for you is that your online transactions are encrypted to ensure there is no data interception.

https:// for higher security
Coming back to the encryption bit, data security begins the second you land on a website. A payment gateway uses the highest assurance SSL certificate, which allows TLS encryption of your data. This is a lot of jargon, but in simpler words, you can just look at the URL in your browser. An https:// protocol means that the website you are on is secure. works with a secure payment gateway to ensure that the data of their customers is not compromised, let’s look at something called tokenization.

Tokenization to prevent exposure of data
You enter your 16-digit card number into a payment gateway’s interface. What the payment gateway does is that it replaces this 16-digit number with a single token. This “token” is a unique set of characters that replace your original card number. This allows the payment to be processed without exposing your sensitive details. Tokens are assigned randomly, which makes it extremely impossible to reverse-engineer the actual card number from the token.

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